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The Acolyte Tomes sometimes talk of beings from other realms. They describe Alum as the God of water and Numen as the Goddess of the earth. These beings not only govern matter, but also mental qualities. The cold, unwavering Alum stands for truth and the nurturing mother Numen represents kindness. 

On the planet they manifest as polar forces coursing through the planet in the form of FLUX. They are ribbons of blue and pink energies that are connected to the Alum Ocean and the earth.  Think of flux as the planet’s soul that regulates all matter and life in the world.

Since ancient times, people have used the energy currents of water and earth for spiritual and practical applications. Legends describe the ancients gaining access to supernormal powers by combining the flux polars together. Today however, no one remembers how to access this power. Only the Syndicate has the technology that can manipulate flux and turn it into supernormal abilities.

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