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Corron is a crystal sphere that is made out of the mineral numenite. It’s an ancient quantum technology that was revived by the Syndicate some 50 years ago.

There are 9 types of corron that are made from 9 types of numenite found on the planet. Each type gives the user a special ability. These powers are mined by corron from other dimensions and are surged into the user’s body. Syndicate machines use corron as well, but their effect is not as powerful. 

C1: Healing Corron

Healing is the rarest power in the Syndicate, due to the fact that the red numenite this corron is made from is found only on Rhodon. This corron regenerates cells at an imperceivable rate.

C2: Agrokinesis Corron

The bread and butter of the Syndicate economy. This corron is made from the orange numenite found on Yantar. It’s power is used to grow all food and vegetation found in the Summit Cities.

C3:  Illumination Corron

The Syndicate infrastructure runs entirely on light-particles called lutons. This corron gives machines and people the power to control lutons. The Syndicate network and machinery communicate via luton packets. On the user side, C3 is used to generate graphics, hologram projections as well as entertainment and propaganda. It is the ultimate communication tool. The corron is made from the yellow numenite found on Citrell.

C4: Shield Corron

The second rarest corron that only the elite ranks of Security and high Syndicate officials can access. This corron is made from the green numenite found on the Sovereign nation of Emrel. It shields the user from any physical harm.

C5: Levitation Corron

The staple of transportation and construction. Thanks to this corron all travel is airborne in the Syndicate. Airships carry passengers at ease between planetoids, and flux cars hover on designated travel ways within Summit Cities. Combined with the power of transmutation, the Syndiate can spawn a cookie-cutter Summit City within a week. It is made from the teal numenite found on Azuren.

C6: Purification Corron

Second best to healing, purification corron has revolutionized the health sector of the Syndicate. It is made from the cyan numenite found on Chryos.

C7: Telepathy Corron

The most controversial corron that has limited legal application within the Syndicate. Telepathy corron can make the user hear the thoughts of others. More experienced users can transmit their thoughts onto others as well. It is widely regarded as mind control and as such, it’s access is limited to the Syndicate Security and Master Researchers. Only a few hundred spheres of this corron were ever made from a rich blue numenite deposit found on one of Celestos’ drifting mountains.

C8: Transmutation Corron

Second best to agrokinesis, transmutation corron has a wide range of applications in the Syndicate. The industrial complex uses transmutation to create a special form of metal that insulates corron from surge points or any other energetical interferences. It is made from the indigo numenite mined on Lapis.

C9: Dimensional Corron

The most dangerous and hard to understand power. Very few people are allowed to specialize in dimensional corron within the Syndicate. This corron allows the user to open a small window to observe another dimension. It is mainly used by researchers in conjunction with transmutation corron to study and manipulate the quantum space. This corron is manufactured on Ames using their native purple corron.

Diagram of how corron tech works.

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