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The Syndicate


After Numen shattered, a group saw to it that corron and its potentially terrifying power never leaves its control. This faction known as the Cartalogia Guild rapidly expanded and built places where corron could be used, studied and advanced under its jurisdiction. They created schools, hospitals, and research facilities. Soon it had its own infrastructure, banks, and even appointed its own judicial and legislative departments that oversaw law and order on its territory and relations with what is now known as the Ames Kingdom. By 3,035 AC, the Cartalogia Guild had swelled into a giant organization that became The Syndicate—a country within a country.

Over the next 200 years, the Syndicate developed, modernized and signed agreements with other isles to build Syndicate-run cities that offered the nations access to corron. Rhodon and Emrel, two of the most powerful planets, immediately rejected the friendly offer and shut their doors on corron

Summit City lab in the Ames Kingdom run by Syndicates

However, the neighbouring isles like Yantar and Citrell saw corron as a boon and invited the Syndicate to build their iconic Summit Cities. All seemed well, until the island kings realized the Syndicate used subversive tactics to undermine the Sovereign power. 

First the Syndicate motivated the Ames people to abolish monarchy in favour of a constitutional government. Once the first Ames Prime Minister was elected, the Syndicate targeted other isles who were in contract with it: Yantar, Citrell, Azuren, Chryos, Celestos and Lapis.

Chryos and Celestos, two other planetoids, were quick to realize the power-hungry side of the Syndicate and the Sovereign War began in 3,300 AC—this time Rhodon and Emrel fighting for Chryos and Celestos to liberate them from the Syndicate. 

It ended quickly just after three years, with the Syndicate quickly withdrawing and signing a peace treaty. Thus in 3,303, the two main factions were established:

The Syndicated Isles—those who abolished monarchy in favour of a republic government include: Yantar, Citrell, Azuren, Lapis and Ames.
The Sovereign Isles—consists of isles ruled by the royal families: Rhodon, Emrel, Chryos, and Celestos.

Peace once again was restored, but a cold war between Rhodon and Ames still continued for another 200 years, until Runa’s reincarnation was born.

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