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The Chryos are the people of water. They are calm-natured people who value family and their traditional water-based medicine. Their doctors are the most talented healers in the entire world of Numen. The Chryos believe that a calm mind is the root of health. The nation is always led by a Sage Queen inspired by African Goddesses. Chryos age slower than regular people and live on average for 150 years.

Our artists took inspiration from African culture. The Chryos are striking people wth dark skin and sharp cyan coloured eyes. Their traditional clothing comprised of silk robes that flow like water. Their planet is humid filled with countless salty pools where people love to swim. Over time their traditional culture eroded and they became a part of the Syndicate. Many Chryos are top surgeons and doctors in the Syndicate nation.

WISHLIST Sky of Tides on Steam