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About the Game


Enter the world of Numen
A calamity has fractured the world of Numen into nine floating planetoids. Diverse nations now hover isolated from each other in the sky, while the ocean hovers above them all, enveloping the broken planet, which hangs by a thread. Two rival powers vie for control—the Syndicate through their monopoly on a little understood but powerful technology that relies on mysterious Corron minerals that they control; and the Sovereign, which favors a return to the now nearly lost ways of the ancients outlined in the banned Numen Tomes.

A story-driven sci-fi adventure-RPG
You play as Rin, the daughter of Syndicate researcher Lu D’Lorah who uncovers a conspiracy to starve the people of Numen and then goes missing. As you set out to find your father, you’ll encounter all sorts of interesting numenites—some friends, some foe. Discover a hidden power that may hold the answer to healing the broken planet before it’s too late, but be careful, there are others seeking this power as well.

Travel further away from home than you’ve ever been before. Explore the mysterious and ancient landscapes of Numen and unearth items to understand the world around you. Shape Rin’s character through the choices you make – but be wary of what you say, as the people you’ll meet on your journey aren’t afraid to talk back…

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Get our press kit here for more detailed information about the game and our studio. Feel free to connect with us directly via info@skyoftides.com for all media and press inquiries.

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