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Millenia ago, our planet Numen was home to nine civilizations that were deeply in tune with water and earth. Their wisdoms, passed on from the divine, gave them a way to live in harmony with nature and themselves.

But little by little, the ancients traded their ways for a light-based crystal technology called corron…until calamity had struck.

Numen shattered into nine, the Alum Ocean took to sky and the ancient civilizations regressed.

Then, several thousand years later, as the old conflicts lay long forgotten, corron had re-emerged. The Ames nation once again took up the ancient technology and split the world into two factions:

The Syndicate side that accepted corron as the only solution to progress. And the Sovereign side, that rejected corron in favour of the ancient ways.

And while the two sides fought for what they believed to be the best way forward…one soul is about to pave an unexpected path amid the turmoil…


You play as Rin, a young woman who ends up in the middle of a war between the Syndicate and the Sovereigns, each trying to renew the planet in their own way.

To mend both sides, Rin will have to journey to the ancient Sanctums and uncover what happened in the past.

Why did the planet shatter?

What is corron? 

Who were the ancients?

The closer Rin gets to the truth, the more dangerous and mystical her journey becomes…

Fully-Voiced, Branched-Narrative Comic

Steer the fate of the world through a compelling branched-narrative story. 

Unforgettable Characters

Nine races, nine unique traits and a rainbow of personality. How you choose to deal with it all determines how many times something blows up in your face.

Real Consequences

Tears. Friendship. Death. Love. Their fates are in your hands!

Stunning Worlds

Journey across the Numen system, go deep into the sacred Sanctums, travel to the ancient past and spirit away to secret realms. Explore many landscapes as you try to piece together the mystery of Numen 9.

Puzzle Gameplay

Transition flawlessly from 2D story to 3D puzzle gameplay.

Unique Narrative-Gameplay Level System

Water governs truth. The earth holds onto kindness. Do you seek knowledge or connection?

Follow your heart and grow your affinity with the mysterious forces that govern the planet. 

Narrative: use your affinity level to learn more about the world or grow bonds with characters. 

Gameplay: your affinity level gives you access to greater powers and secret areas.

Integrated Lore

Your Numen Tome is more than a collection of ancient truths. Study it, collect more Numen Pages and weigh those truths against the present to make informed decisions.

Episodic, Repayable Content

• Play all 9 chapters in Season 1

• Return to the past to grow stronger, make more meaningful decisions and steer the world toward a brighter future.

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