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About the Game


Enter the world of Numen
Sky of Tides is an episodic, interactive, fantasy-sci-fi graphic novel with unique puzzles interwoven into the narrative. The choices you make are affiliated with certain gods that created Planet Numen. How you align with the will of these gods will affect the emotional states of characters and the way the story unfolds.

The World
The Universe of Numen is a world shattered into nine, where the ocean hangs in the sky. Nine civilizations are now separated on nine floating planetoids that once formed a diverse whole. Today, the people of Numen are even more divided by their opposing views on how the planet should be saved before another calamity strikes.

The Story
Rin, a young Syndicate research assistant with a mysterious ability must embark on a quest to the lost lands of the ancients to find her missing Sovereign father. The closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes that her abilities may have the power to heal the broken world…but only if she lets go of the fears that bind her.

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Prepare for the Adventure


Get our press kit here for more detailed information about the game and our studio. Feel free to connect with us directly via info@skyoftides.com for all media and press inquiries.

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