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The Chryos are the people of water. They are calm-natured people who value family and their traditional water-based medicine. Their doctors are the most talented healers in the entire world of Numen. The Chryos believe that a calm mind is the root of health. The nation is always led by a Sage Queen inspired by African Goddesses. Chryos age slower than regular people and live on average for 150 years. Our artists took inspiration from African culture. The Chryos are striking

The Sovereign side believes they can restore the planet through the wisdoms recorded in the ancient Numen Tomes. The Sovereign comprises the kingdoms of Rhodon, Emrel, Chryos and Celestos. All these kingdoms are ruled by royal families in some form of monarchy that is ordained by the divine. The Kings or Queens had a long standing tradition on Numen to be chosen through the Archetypa Sovereign blessing. When the Archetypa first come at the beginning of each great cycle, they lay

After Numen shattered, a group saw to it that corron and its potentially terrifying power never leaves its control. This faction known as the Cartalogia Guild rapidly expanded and built places where corron could be used, studied and advanced under its jurisdiction. They created schools, hospitals, and research facilities. Soon it had its own infrastructure, banks, and even appointed its own judicial and legislative departments that oversaw law and order on its territory and relations with what is now known

Corron is a synthetic substance made in a laboratory by a man named Krill from the Kingdom of Ames. This spherical crystal, made through fusing Alum with Numenite is a physical expression of the Divine Children’s essence. Corron can be used to artificially infuse machines and people with power.

The Acolyte Tomes sometimes talk of beings from other realms. They describe Alum as the God of water and Numen as the Goddess of the earth. These beings not only govern matter, but also mental qualities. The cold, unwavering Alum stands for truth and the nurturing mother Numen represents kindness.  On the planet they manifest as polar forces coursing through the planet in the form of FLUX. They are ribbons of blue and pink energies that are connected to the Alum

This introductory read will help provide a deeper understanding of the Numen universe. For starters let's talk a bit about the Numen Tomes. What the heck is it, and what's its significance in this story?  The Numen Tomes carry the lost knowledge of the ancients. Containing within its pages are all the lore and history of the Numen people. These Tomes are scattered around the world within the ancient ruins. There are only a select few who can interpret and understand